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Involved in Speedfactory etc. as a textile engineer since 2012: Dr Yves-Simon Gloy (38). © STFI/W. Schmidt

18/03/2019 – Speedfactories, storefactories and micro-factories

Speedfactories, storefactories and micro-factories

What next?

Ten years ago, it was just an utopian dream but now at Techtextil and Texprocess 2019 it is emerging in the shape of several micro-factories. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Very few signs of fouling after six months: When the basalt knitted fabrics are removed, the middle section of the steel girders in the sea near Dubai is almost completely free from organic deposits. © Peterseim

15/03/2019 – Techtextil


On the Techtextil podium – and then?

When this edition of textile network goes to print, exactly 676 days will have passed since the presentation of the Techtextil and Texprocess Innovation ... By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Still fiction, but perhaps reality within the next decade: the first moon station. © ESA

Spinning moon rock on site into the finest, high-strength textile fibres. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

New horizons for jobs, sustainable sales and strategic partnerships © Stillkost/stock.adobe.com

09/01/2019 – Separtex


What are textile networks good for?

Cooperation alliances between medium-sized companies and application-oriented research institutions create jobs and sustainable sales. By  Hans-Werner Oertel
25/09/2018 – Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf


Forschungsintensive Textilinnovationen

Technotextiles Trendbarometer: Klimagewebe & Goldfiltration - Forschungsintensive Textilinnovationen als Inputgeber für den Mittelstand - 2018 in Aachen By  Hans-Werner Oertel