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Aerelle Soft Flex are filling fibres for a high degree of sleeping comfort and the flexibility of the fibre filling offers excellent shape recovery © Advansa

28/11/2017 – Advansa - 50th anniversary of dacron

Advansa - 50th anniversary of dacron

Attractive Projects

Advansa's future activities: e.g.a relaunch is planned for Dacron 95°, a new generation of particularly hygienic fibre filling. By  Ilona Schulz
27/11/2017 – Mare di Moda

Mare di Moda

Performance, Qualität und Stil

Mit einer positiven Bilanz schloss die MarediModa in Cannes (7. bis 8. November 2017), Fachmesse für Stoffe für Bademoden, Beachwear und Lingerie. By  Ilona Schulz

The home textiles trend book is an important guide to the major trends for the 2018/2019 season © Messe Frankfurt

27/11/2017 – Trend Book Home textiles

Trend Book Home textiles

Gifts for our readers

The book provides answers, ideas and plenty of background information on solutions to the furnishing questions of the future. By  Ilona Schulz
16/11/2017 – Domotex 2018

Domotex 2018

Kreative Bodenprojekte

Auf der Domotex 2018 (12. bis 15. Januar) werden Studierende und Künstler das Leitthema "Unique Youniverse" sinnlich erfahrbar machen. By  Ilona Schulz

The new Hall 12 in a modern, transparent design © kadawittfeldarchitektur

14/11/2017 – Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt

The new Hall 12 in a modern, transparent design

Come autumn 2018, the western section of Messe Frankfurt’s exhibition centre will be home to the new Hall 12. By  Ilona Schulz
09/11/2017 – Heimtex Verband

Heimtex Verband

Kreative Inszenierungen

Auf der kommenden Heimtextil (9. bis 12. Januar 2018) inszeniert der Heimtex Verband Teppichböden im Rahmen des neuen Expo-Konzepts in Halle 4.2. By  Ilona Schulz

© iStockphoto

02/11/2017 – Empa Research

Empa Research

New flame retardants for mattresses

EDA-DOPO, the environmentally friendly flame retardant developed by Empa, is going into series production. Depending on demand, Metadynea Austria GmbH ... By  Ilona Schulz