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Kemafil/biogene heavy tows © STFI

14/04/2021 – STFI: R&D-project

STFI: R&D-project

Biogenic Heavy Tows based on hemp bast bark

An article by Elke Thiele, Corinna Falck, STFI e.V and Maik Wonneberger, Invent GmbH. By  Iris Schlomski

The continued impact of the Covid-19 pandemic unfolding throughout 2021 has forced the JEC World team to reexamine the possibility of holding the next edition of JEC World this year. © Romolo Tavani/

14/04/2021 – Corona pandemic

Corona pandemic

JEC World 2021 postponed to next year

After thorough consultation of clients and partners, the JEC World team has decided to postpone the next edition of JEC World to March 8–10, 2022. By  Iris Schlomski

Round drops with correspondingly large contact angles form on the coated cleanroom textiles. © Krüss

13/04/2021 – Protective clothing

Protective clothing

Krüss: New study shows reusable solution

A new study shows how reusable, water-repellent cleanroom coveralls could be used as medical protective clothing. By  Iris Schlomski

Russia’s first EFI Reggiani Power 180 and Power 240 digital printers were recently sold to D-TEX Digital Textile Printing, located in Stupino, in the Moscow Oblast, and to MIRtex, in Furnmanov, Russia. © Mirtex

12/04/2021 – Textiles in Russia

Textiles in Russia

EFI Reggiani: Opportunities and prospects of the Russian textile market

Three leading Russian textile producers – D-TEX Digital Textile Printing, MIRtex and Sima-Land – invest in solutions of EFI Reggiani. By  Iris Schlomski

100 years of DITF. On the occasion of the anniversary, the anniversary book “The History of DITF” is available as a PDF for download free of charge. © DITF

Denkendorf – The German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) look back on 100 years of successful textile research. By  Iris Schlomski

Daniel Liba, CEO, Bergertextiles © Bergertextiles

08/04/2021 – Growth through cooperation

Growth through cooperation

Bergertextiles and Multi-Plot intensify joint projects

The high-quality sublimation papers of the Croatian quality manufacturer Kaspar Papir are the basis of the close cooperation. By  Iris Schlomski

Fiber cross section: In the conjuagte spinning process Nanodesign, a fiber cross-section is formed by splitting the polymer flow into many individual parts. This makes it possible to design cross-sections of multi-component fibers far more precisely than with conventional processes. © Toray

07/04/2021 – Nanodesign by Toray

Nanodesign by Toray

Camifu: A textile inspired by Japanese paper

A newly developed fabric from materials technology company Toray combines the feel and texture of handmade Japanese paper with modern functionality. By  Iris Schlomski