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In the current challenging climate, the holistic, digital colour management solutions from Natific are demonstrating their many advantages and are assuming an important role in the digitalisation strategies of companies around the world. Christoph Bergmann, a partner at Natific and Head of Sales and Marketing Europe and Service Operations. © Natific

27/04/2020 – Digitalising colour management

Digitalising colour management

Faster, friction-free and across continents with Natific

The digitalisation demonstrates its important role for textile and fashion companies around the world. An interview with Christoph Bergmann, partner at ... By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Over 100 international speakers from science and industry presented the latest innovations and trends in the global fibre and textile industry from 11 to 13 September 2019. © GFC_by Kirstin Toedtling

25/11/2019 – What can be done about microplastics?

What can be done about microplastics?

58th Global Fiber Congress (GFC)

For decades, textiles scientists, researchers and developers from all over the world have travelled to Dornbirn every September to discuss recent developments ... By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

The Vortex spinning process also has remarkable ecological advantages which as a result reduces the number of potentially harmful microfibres released into the environment. © Carrington

30/10/2019 – Sustainability in workwear

Sustainability in workwear

Carrington launches “Balance” range at A+A 2019

Carrington Textiles is set to demonstrate its commitment to achieving sustainability in workwear with the launch of its Balance range. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

The ten-page study “Common wardrobe: Sharing for the wardrobe” is published by Textilberatung Hamburg as a pdf file. © Sabine Faust

10/10/2019 – Common clothes: Sharing one’s wardrobe

Common clothes: Sharing one’s wardrobe

Study presents Sharing-Concepts

Clothing and textiles: Study investigates concepts, contract and price models of online sharing companies in Germany, Italy and North America. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Richard Cumpstey: “In a market dominated by synthetic flame-resistant fabrics, we have had to take a strategic targeted approach to develop new sales.” From the left: Ravi, Richard Cumpstey, Chris Schoonjans und Deepak © Carrington Textiles

24/07/2019 – Carrington’s target growth in the Middle East

Carrington’s target growth in the Middle East

Carrington Textiles Middle East is founded

Carrington wants to grow in the Middle East market with new flame-resistant fabrics. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Die 57. Fasertagung in Dornbirn begrüßte zu mehr als 100 Vorträgen etwa 700 Teilnehmer aus 30 Ländern © GDC

26/10/2018 – Dornbirn-GDC


Ab der Faser in Kreisläufen denken!

Circular Economy ist der neue Trend der Textilindustrie. Davon zeugt die 57. Internationale Fasertagung (GDC) in Dornbirn. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Praxisbeispiele zeigen, welche smarten Lösungen heute schon möglich sind © Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Am 19. und 20. Juni 2018 fand in Berlin das erste Wear It Festival statt. Mit einer Mischung aus Vorträgen, Workshops, Ausstellung, Mentoring-Sessions. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach