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31/01/2019 – Sustainability — auf Deutsch lesen

Environmentally friendly dyeing with “We aRe SpinDye”

The international Brand Strategy Consulting firm BRAIND has signed up with the Swedish solution dyeing expert “We aRe SpinDye”.


© We are SpinDye


© We are SpinDye

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The company We are SpinDye developed a comprehensive, certified and 100 percent transparent coloring process to completely change the way Polyester is dyed within the textile industry. Their process of solution dyeing for clean colors reduces the water usage by 75 percent, chemical usage by 90 percent, the energy consumption by 30 percent and the overall CO2 footprint by 25 percent.

Enlightened consumers

We aRe SpinDye has decided to partner with Braind on their quest to expand their Ingredient Brand Model from B2B towards the conscious consumer segment. The partnership is built on Braind’s unique experience in creating purpose-driven Next Generation Ingredient Brands.

Water is the elixir of life!

The Textile Industry is the second largest source of waste globally. Based on a research cited by the World Bank nearly 20 percent of all fresh-water pollution world wide is related to dyeing textiles. The 60BN US-$ Polyester market represents by far the largest share of the global fiber production and changing the way this material is getting dyed will have a significant positive effect on the global climate and environment.

Consumers can influence the environment

Micke Magnusson, CEO of We aRe SpinDye AB, explains the reason for the cooperation: “After successfully establishing We aRe SpinDye as an Ingredient Brand in the B2B market, we feel the urgent need to get conscious consumers aware of their ability to make choices that have a positive influence on the environment. With a stronger demand for our fully transparent and certified coloring solution by consumers, we want to accelerate the replacement of the harmful traditional water dyeing with our more sustainable coloring method.”

Dyeing with water is wrong

Tomas Vucurevic, Managing Director of Braind adds: “Coloring Polyester with water is a design failure. The We aRe SpinDye solution gives consumers a chance to really make a difference with their buying decision. It is a technology that is available today and that is ready to be implemented by Fashion and Outdoor brands. “Conscious consumers more and more demand full transparency from their favorite brands in terms how a product is made and what environmental impact it has.”