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03/07/2020 – An important crop in Mozambique

An important crop in Mozambique

Cotton is ensuring the income

The diversification of economy in Mozambique is progressing. It emerges new and very dynamic commodities and some high priced agricultural products. By  Sibylle Michel

With Stephanie Silber, the Board of Directors has elected a female president for the first time. © Bremer Baumwollbörse

01/07/2020 – Board elects Stephanie Silber

Board elects Stephanie Silber

Bremen Cotton Exchange: First female president

The election to the Executive Committee was held on 18 June 2020 on the occasion of the 146th Annual General Assembly of the Bremen Cotton Exchange. By  Sibylle Michel

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22/06/2020 – Issues with seeds

Issues with seeds

Pakistan: Cotton area to decrease in 2020/21

Industry contacts report that seed germination will be a major problem to maintain plant population. By  Sibylle Michel

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16/06/2020 – ITMF survey 2019

ITMF survey 2019

Cotton contamination level up

The level of cottons moderately or seriously contaminated as perceived by the spinning mills from around the world grew from 23 percent in 2016 to 26 ... By  Sibylle Michel

Hans-Christian Früh wird neuer Projektleiter bei Composites for Europe © Claudia Fahlbusch

15/06/2020 – Neuer Name, neues Konzept, neues Gesicht

Neuer Name, neues Konzept, neues Gesicht

Zukünftiger Projektleiter bei Composites for Europe

Die Composites for Europe, 10. bis 12. November, stellt sich auch personell neu auf: Dr. Ing. Hans-Christian Früh wird neuer Projektleiter. By  Sibylle Michel


12/06/2020 – Verschärftes Verhältnis zwischen China und USA

Verschärftes Verhältnis zwischen China und USA

Baumwollmarkt instabil

Erneut erlebten die New York Cotton Futures ein stetiges Auf und Ab und das in einer weiten Bandbreite. By  Sibylle Michel

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29/05/2020 – Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic

Cotton consumption, trade and area drop

Covid-19 have closed business activity in a way not experienced in modern era. By  Sibylle Michel