textile network - The international premium magazine for the textile chain

  •     is the international trade magazine for the textile and fashion industry
  •     is an information network that sheds light on the entire textile production chain, from the fibre to the finished product
  •     brings together companies and their customers
  •     published 4 times a year in a high-quality print edition and as a digital e-paper in German with an extended English-language section
  •     provides up-to-the-minute news and background information on its website 365 days a year
  •     features innovations from the textile industry in its weekly newsletter
  •     efficiently distributes your advertising through all media channels

Publication frequency of magazine:

4 x year, print and e-paper

Magazine print-run:

4000 copies

Average page impressions:

65.961 in August 2023

Average page visits:

18.371 in August 2023

Newsletter subscribers (german):

circa 3300

Newsletter subscribers (english):

circa 1700


Media Data magazine, newsletter and website: