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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Grafis

2D plugin and 3D visualisation

Highlights shown by Grafis, Viersen , Germany, are the new Grafis plug-in for the 3D Simulation software V-Stitcher by Browzwear and the new comfortable user interface in Grafis where all information required for 3D simulation is recorded already within the Grafis style. The simulation data is saved in the Grafis style and then imported into V-Stitcher directly via the plug-in. Within V-Stitcher details such as material and textures can be assigned to the pattern pieces and seams.

As Grafis works with a hereditary structure, interdependency between pattern pieces is established automatically. Alteration of the development piece leads to the instant adjustment of all dependent pattern pieces after recalculation of all parts. With this new plug-in, the simulation data is also updated automatically during the recalculation of all parts. “The Grafis-specific pattern interdependency now continues through to the V-Stitcher software“, explains Dr. Kerstin Friedrich, Managing Director. As V-Stitcher creates a very realistic simulation, the user can now tweak the fit directly. The close interaction between 2D pattern cutting and 3D visualisation "is unique".

[ www.grafis.de]

[Texprocess, hall 4, booth E51]