In 2010, the sales figures of blue knitted sweaters with a V-neck worn by the national team’s manager went through the roof - Vidya simulation © Human Solutions

14/06/2018 – Soccer World Cup 2018

Soccer World Cup 2018

A lucky charm for the German national team

Will Yogi Löw set another fashion trend at the upcoming Soccer World Cup? By  Iris Schlomski

Takko uses a ‘tandem’ version of Mosca machines at the main warehouse in Winsen, Germany. Each machine only straps once, which increases production speed © Mosca

08/06/2018 – Mosca


Strapping for the clothing industry

Mosca strapping machines are attractive to clothing sector customers because of their speed and flexibility - a user report. By  Editorial staff

Sweating for science - in the project Spacetex2, Dr Alexander Gerst will test the cooling performance of functional shirts both on Earth (see picture of him during a training session at the European Astronaut Centre EAC in spring 2018) and in space © DLR

Towards new horizons: “Spacetex2” researches functional textiles under zero gravity By  Iris Schlomski

Revolution digitized clothing. Get 20% discount with textile network! © Wear It Berlin / Michael Wittig, Berlin

07/06/2018 – Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technologies

Wear It Festival

Revolution digitized clothing: Wear It Festival connects the international Wearables Scene - 19 and 20 June 2018, Palais at Kulturbrauerei, Berlin By  Iris Schlomski

The CMS 530 HP by Stoll - will be part of the Microfactory Knit at the Fashion Forum in Munich. The result will be an individualized Jacquard sweater produced right there for everyone to see © Stoll

05/06/2018 – Microfactory Part 7

Microfactory Part 7

Microfactory – a solution for whom?

The Microfactory concept brings the buzzword “digitalization” to life... and with a result you can touch, for example Knit for you in Berlin by Adidas. By  Iris Schlomski

Ethiopia is an upcoming textile location. International investors are keeping an eye on Africa with a view to capitalising on its potential © Shutterstock

“Made in China?” “Made in Bangladesh?” No, “Made in Ethiopia!” The country in the Horn of Africa is increasingly edging onto the radar of the textile ... By  Iris Schlomski

Customers get Industry 4.0-ready as Lectra unveiled latest product offerings and shared insights at annual fashion VIP event © Lectra

Lectra put theory into practice at its recent fashion event by unveiling their latest 4.0 Cutting Room to more than 100 privileged industry professionals. By  Iris Schlomski