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07/06/2016 – Südwesttextil — auf Deutsch lesen

100 days in office... questions for Peter Haas

Peter Haas is Managing Director of Südwesttextil since February 2016 . Why he is fascinated about his new job? You will find it out in our interview.


Peter Haas: I’m fascinated by the sheer breadth of textile products available – from yarns to airbags, from dress shirts to medical dressings, and tablecloths to brake pads. The many people I’ve met on my 60 or so official visits so far have shown me that it is possible to produce more than a million kilometres of yarn in a single day and that net curtain manufacturers also have the capabilities to supply products to Formula 1, as they have the expertise to produce carbon circular-woven brake pads. Not only have I seen how designers glean new ideas for innovative fabrics but also that we rank among the most innovative industries when it comes to the intensity of research that is conducted in the field – and I’ve learnt that the opportunities open to this sector have perhaps never been better. I’ve already met several awe-inspiring entrepreneurs and now know where the teddy bear is at home. In a nutshell: the textile and apparel industry has definitely cast a spell over me – and I’m delighted to be working with my team as we channel all our energy into bringing about positive outcomes for our members.

Please read the complete interview in our print-magazine issue 7/8 2016

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