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20 years of Cotonea

In 2003, Elmer & Zweifel, a traditional cotton textiles company based in Bempflingen, Swabia, founded the Cotonea brand. The aim was and is not so much to make a profit, but to manufacture ecological and fair cotton products.


Warehouse for organic raw cotton in Uganda. © Cotonea Klaus Mellenthin


100% organic, consistent sustainability and high-quality fabrics and textiles: this is what the Cotonea brand has stood for for 20 years now. In addition, it is also committed to complete transparency towards customers and partners. Thanks to a specially introduced product passport, the fabrics can be traced back to their origin. Not following the mainstream and profit maximisation, but following its own conviction and responsibility, Cotonea knows all the stages along its production chain on a personal level, from cotton cultivation to spinning, weaving and knitting of the fabrics to finishing and making up. Cotonea entered into its first contractual partnerships for the cultivation of organic cotton in Kyrgyzstan in 2004 and in Uganda in 2009. Both countries combine favourable climatic conditions with sufficient rainfall. In 2013, the company launched its own sewing line, followed by its own children's clothing collection in 2016. Production is in accordance with the “IVN Best” standard, and “fair for life” certification is also available. The latter is only awarded to products for which not only the cultivation of raw materials but also every stage of production is carried out according to socially fair criteria.

In future, Cotonea intends to further expand its product range, but also continue to support projects in areas such as biodiversity and soil health. Innovative projects such as the “Textile Tracker” research project or the “Textile Trust” pilot project will also be continuously supported.

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