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28/06/2018 – Siemens AG — auf Deutsch lesen

A fully update building technology at BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics

The textile logistics company entered into an energy efficiency partnership with Siemens to optimize the energy costs



Example Workstation with an ironing dummy in the pressing room. The fans for the ventilation system were updated, as was the lighting © Siemens


The target: A better energy footprint, improved working conditions and more efficient processes. The monetary benefits: fallen energy costs by about 52%, while CO2 output fell by 48%, the equivalent of 2760 tonnes a year.

The icing on the cake

The icing on the cake came when the project was awarded the sustainability prize from the German state of Thuringia. Under the 8-year Energy Performance Contract (EPC), Siemens’ Building Technologies Division modernised the existing building technology. The investment of a seven-figure sum is being financed from the customer’s savings, which were calculated in advance by Siemens and are guaranteed under the contract. As a result, the modernisation will cost the logistics firm absolutely nothing. “Since the cost of the sustainability work is balanced out by the effect of the savings, there will be no additional expenditure,” says Frank Wollboldt, Manager of Expansion at BLG. “At the end of the day, sustainability won’t cost us a penny.”

The benefits of energy performance contracts

More and more private sector companies and public sector institutions across the world are discovering the benefits of energy performance contracts. They can markedly reduce annual energy bills, while the significant reduction in CO2 emissions improves public perceptions of the company. Moreover, customers with energy performance contracts incur no additional costs, despite the heavy investment from the contracting partner, Siemens. The projects are self-funding, so that the immediate cash expenditure that would normally be incurred in acquiring innovating technologies is not necessary. Modernisation of the building in energy terms has no impact on the balance sheet. Once the project is completed, the companies reap 100% of the rewards from the reduced operating costs and the increase in value of the property due to the modernisation.


BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics

At BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics in Hörsel, in the Thuringian district of Gotha, southeast Germany, the winter season begins in the summer. Indeed, for the company, located on the A4 autobahn and providing Europe-wide textile logistics services, this is the high season for the autumn and winter collections. 500 people are employed in a two-shift operation to prepare for sale the wares of well-known fashion labels. Due in part to the strong growth in e-commerce, the employees are kept very busy: each year, up to 60 million items of clothing are made up in Hörsel.

 To guarantee optimum working conditions even in summer, while keeping energy costs low, BLG decided in 2015 to modernise the site by means of an energy performance contract with Siemens.

Please read the complete article in our printed issue textile network 7-8 2018.