08/04/2024 – BTMA

Advanced fiber focus at Techtextil

The forthcoming Techtextil 2024 exhibition in Frankfurt serves as a platform to showcase advancements in in fiber development, emphasizing fibers derived from organic or recyceled feedstocks to meet sustainability goals, alongside offering novel funtionalities for advanced applications. Several BTMA members will be part of the event.


Fibre Extrusion Technologies (FET) specializes in bespoke fiber extrusion and spunbond and meltblown nonwoven systems. © BTMA


Resource efficiency in the processing of extremely expensive fibres like carbon is a key benefit of the latest Airbond splicing technologies. © BTMA


BTMA member Fibre Extrusion Technologies (FET) stands at the forefront of specialized fiber production, particularly in the areas of multifilaments, monofilaments, and nonwovens. With its state-of-the-art Fibre Development Centre, FET has intensified technical trials, focusiong notably on biopolymers and recycled fibers, as well as addressing the burgeoing demand for medical devices like absorbable products and durable implants.

Furthermore, Airbond´s pioneering pneumatic yarn splicing technology underscores rescoure efficiency in processing high-value fibers such as UHMWPE, carbon and aramids. Their advanced splicers exhibit enhanced capabilities, accomodating yarns of up to 16,000 tex, therby significantly reducing material wastage.

James Heal and Verivide enrich the event through testing methodologies, complemented by the cutting-edge “WebSpector“ automated fabric inspection system developed by Shelton Vision. These systems empower manufacturers with precise fault detection capabilities during fabric production, ensuring uncompromised quality standards, even admist intricate patters.

Beyond sustainability imperatives, there is a discernible trend towards integrating advanced funtionalities into fiber developement, propelled by the exigencies of diverse industrial sectors. Janson Kent, CEO of BTMA, stated: “Techtextil is an essential show for many BTMA members and we see growing opportunities in a number of rapidly expanding markets with exponential growth for our members.”

In conclusion, BTMA´s ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration between Britisth textile machinery manufacturers and the global textile manufacturing landscape underscores its key role in driving industry progress and technological innovation.