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Amann Group: Planned closure of production in Augsburg

The Amann Group, manufacturers of high-quality sewing and embroidery threads, announced today that the management has made the decision to enter into talks with the works council with the aim of closing the plant in Augsburg.


The planned closure of the plant in Augsburg is scheduled to take effect at the end of 2024. The closure will affect 145 employees at the Augsburg site. © Amann Group


This measure affects all production areas. However, global functions within the central organization, including development, purchasing and quality management, are to remain at the site.

The decision to close the plant in Augsburg follows a comprehensive review of the operational efficiency of the affected site. The economic conditions for the plant have been difficult since 2015, particularly since the start of the war in Ukraine. High energy costs combined with a rising inflation rate and weak production capacity utilization due to a noticeable decline in consumption have meant that the Augsburg site can no longer be operated economically.

Despite various measures and investments amounting to over 5 m euros since 2015, which were aimed at increasing competitiveness by boosting productivity and improving cost efficiency, the site's profitability could not be secured in the long term.

The planned closure of the plant in Augsburg is scheduled to take effect at the end of 2024. The company regrets this potential development and will immediately enter into talks with the works council to ensure a fair transition for the 145 affected employees as part of reconciliation of interests and social plan negotiations.

The relocation of existing production volumes to other Amann Group locations is planned in order to ensure uninterrupted delivery capability in all business areas, so that customers will not suffer any impairments in terms of their reliability of supply.

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