29/07/2019 – Texprocess Award 2019 — auf Deutsch lesen

And the winner is ... Lectra!

Fashion On Demand by Lectra receives accolade for empowering fashion companies to offer personalized clothing.


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Lectra has been awarded by a jury of experts the Texprocess Innovation Award 2019 in the New Process category for its latest ground-breaking offer, Fashion On Demand by Lectra.

Fashion On Demand by Lectra automates the entire personalization process, from order reception and product development to the final cutting stages. Resulting from a four-year research-and-development process, the digital solution for on-demand production was developed based on Industry 4.0 principles.

Holger Max-Lang, President, Northern & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Lectra:

“We are very proud to receive this prestigious award at Texprocess, the biggest international event for all fashion players. Fashion On Demand by Lectra allows companies to produce personalized clothing at the same speed as ready-to-wear and avoid overstocking by producing in precise quantities.”

Fashion On Demand by Lectra is available in the form of two packages

One package dedicated to made to measure, with pattern adjustments.

The other one to customization, with product characteristic alterations.

This turnkey solution automates on-demand production right from order reception to production development stages and the cutting room. Companies can define their desired product personalization criteria for each item depending on the package, and launch production processes right from the get-go, without interfering with their standard workflows.

The jury experts

“This innovative cloud-based platform solution ensures efficient made-to-measure and customization production processes and facilitates nearshoring for companies that offer individualized products. This technology is up and running and can be used by the fashion industry on a plug-and-play basis.”

The Texprocess Innovation Award

Since 2011, the Texprocess Innovation Award has been honoring remarkable achievements and new developments in the Texprocess product range under two categories: new technology and new process. The winners are selected based on criteria such as degree of innovation, choice of materials and environmental sustainability.