20/02/2024 – Textile manufacturing

Archroma launches end-to-end solutions for sustainability

Archroma, a leader in specialty chemicals with a focus on sustainable solutions, introduced “Super Systems+“. These end-to-end systems combine fiber-specific processing solutions and intelligent effects to help textile and apparel brands, retailers and mills impact their economic and environmental sustainability.


Archroma launches “Super Systems+”: end-to-end solutions for economic and environmental sustainability in textile manufacturing. © Archroma


In response to critical industry shifts such as resource conservation and circularity, Dhirendra Gautam, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Archroma Textile Effects, emphasized: “The textile industry is being confronted with critical industry shifts, like resource savings and circularity, and the need for brands to find a new way to bring their products to life while remaining competitive and maintaining article aesthetics and functional performance.” The “Super Systems+” suite is said to encompass a range of wet processing solutions designed to minimize environmental impact, enhance product durability, and eliminate harmful substances (please see “Imapact Matrix”). By leveraging breakthrough technologies, such as “Avitera SE” for resource savings and “Diresul Evolution Black” for reduced environmental impact in denim production, “Super Systems+” enables brands and mills to achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining product quality. Furthermore, Kerim Oner, Director of Strategic Marketing at Archroma, highlighted the role of “Super Systems+” in driving eco-friendlier innovation and promoting efficiency without compromising on environmental consciousness. By reducing processing time, conserving water and energy, and offering bio-based alternatives, “Super Systems+” contributes to a more sustainable future for the textile industry. With a commitment to sustainability and progress, Archroma aims to lead the textile and fashion industry towards a more environmentally conscious future. Through its “Planet Conscious+” vision, which includes initiatives like “Super Systems+”, Archroma supports textile brands and mills in their sustainability journey, offering a roadmap for positive evolution. “Super Systems+” is already available for various end-use segments, including denim, performance wear, casual wear, and home textiles. With its extensive product portfolio and global expertise, Archroma is poised to make a significant impact on the textile industry, driving meaningful change towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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