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Carbon and Water footprint by OEKO-TEX®

With the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, over 100 fashion brands have committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. OEKO-TEX® is also aware that this step is necessary and is supporting companies in this endeavor: a tool integrated into the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification system will make it possible to calculate one's own water and CO2 footprint easily and digitally from the end of 2021.


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Already today, more and more consumers and brands are opting for products and companies that meet their climate protection obligations - and the trend is rising. However, in the apparel sector in particular, carbon emissions as well as water usage are above average, while measurement and monitoring are below average. As part of its Roadmap to Excellence, the OEKO-TEX® Association has created a solution. For STeP by OEKO-TEX® customers a simple, user-friendly digital tool will be available from the end of 2021. The tool can be used to measure carbon emissions and water usage, either per facility, process step, annual production or per 1 kg of material.

While STeP already performs a holistic analysis and assessment of production conditions, the new tool will enable additional processes to be identified and adjusted according to their environmental impact. The basis for the entire calculations is a customized approach that was developed together with Quantis, a leading sustainability consultancy and considers the specific needs and processes of textile production facilities. Aligned with the SDGs, companies can thus not only strengthen trust in the future, but also expand their business and demonstrate leadership in this area - towards a sustainable future.


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