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Cellulose Fibres in Focus

Second International Conference on Cellulose Fibres, the fastest growing fibre group in textiles, the largest investment sector in the bio-based economy and the solution for avoiding microplastics – Full programme and nominees for the innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021” now online at www.cellulose-fibres.eu. The online event will take place from 2-3 February 2021.


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With 210 participants and 15 exhibitors from 26 different countries, the “1st International Conference on Cellulose Fibres” in 2020 was a great success and exceeded all expectations. The focus of the conference was on markets, technologies and sustainability – and especially alternative cellulose feedstocks.

Building on this success, the "2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres“ will again cover the entire value chain from the lignocellulosic feedstock, dissolving pulp, cellulose fibres – such as rayon, viscose, modal or lyocell and new developments, to a wide range of applications, woven textiles (clothing) and non-wovens (wipes and technical applications). All these sectors have significantly gained in dynamics over the last few years. For the first time the innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year” will be granted at the “2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres”.

Focus of the conference

  • What are the recent technology and market trends?
  • What are the future market dynamics? Who is active and interested in this sector?
  • What are the main challenges to develop the value chains and the market demand?
  • Which ecosystems and partnerships are required to drive innovation according to market needs?
  • How will the political environment continue to develop? What will happen with plastic bans, microplastic avoidance, bio-based vs. fossil feedstocks, and sustainability?
  • How can the sustainability of cellulose fibres be even further increased? Which alternative feedstocks are suitable and available?

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