17/11/2021 – 36th IAF World Fashion Convention

Cem Altan commences as new IAF President

During the 36th IAF World Fashion Convention in Antwerp, Belgium, 7–8 November, 2021, Han Bekke handed over the IAF Presidency to Cem Altan.


Cem Altan, founder of Aycem Textiles, is the new IAF President. © IAF


Past President Han Bekke was awarded the IAF Golden Pin. © IAF


Cem Altan is founder of Aycem Textiles and he is member of the Board of Directors of both the Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB) and of the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association (TCMA). In the boards of both associations he is tasked with international affairs and therefore he has a strong experience in industry representation on an international level. Mr. Altan has been a member of the IAF Board of Directors since 2014. Additionally, he is head of Istanbul Fashion Week and Koza Young Designers.

Han Bekke receives IAF Golden Pin

Furthermore, immediate Past President of IAF Han Bekke was awarded the IAF Golden Pin by IAF President Cem Altan. The IAF Golden Pin is awarded to those who have been of extraordinary importance to the positive development of IAF. Only a few IAF Golden Pins have been awarded throughout IAF’s 49-year-old history.

Han Bekke’s importance to IAF cannot be overstated. He embodies the international spirit of IAF and the benefits this brings to its participants. Leading IAF he has grown to be a strong advocate of international supply chain solidarity and collaboration as well as of the urgent need to create a less fragmented set of rules and regulations for the apparel industry. Read our interview with Han Bekke here.

The 36th IAF World Fashion Convention

The 36th IAF World Fashion Convention and Euratex’s 9th European Textile & Apparel Convention were successfully conducted on 8 and 9 November. The IAF and Euratex conventions brought together, under Belgian ‘Covid Safe’ conditions, well over 200 apparel and textile industry professionals, particularly from a large number of EU countries, a large delegation from Turkey, a significant delegation from Bangladesh and also delegates from the UK, Switzerland, the US, Morocco, Pakistan and more.

The IAF’s Convention’s theme ‘Transition of the Global Fashion System’ was well explained and explored by speakers from all over the world, representing large and medium sized brands, manufacturers, experts and academics, including H&M, Lever Style, TYK, Nova Group and McKinsey. HKIB, K3 Technologies, SIM, A&E, Serai, Pivot88, QIMAone, TIWW (The Industry We Want), PEFC, GINETEX and Dubai Global Connect, together covering many areas of the apparel ecosystem, were able to present their solutions for the industry. The convention made clear that the industry’s transition to a more digitized, sustainable and transparent industry hinges on collaboration in the supply chain and on a switch to more effective business models. When supply is brought closer to demand it frees capital locked in inventory to flow to investments needed to fuel the transition.

  • The 37th IAF World Fashion Convention will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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