23/11/2017 – Book Tip — auf Deutsch lesen


Irving Penn would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. ...


„Many photographers feel their client is the subject. My client is a woman in Kansas who reads Vogue. I’m trying to intrigue, stimulate, feed her..." Irving Penn © Schirmer und Mosel


Publisher Schirmer/Mosel, which made a name for itself for his picture books on fashion and art, is marking this posthumous anniversary by publishing a monograph entitled "Centennial".

 This book is an encyclopaedia and quasi Köchel catalogue of the extensive visual works of this master photographer, featuring a fascinating breadth of fashion, portraits and still lifes. The monograph also contains Penn’s photographs from the Andes: In 1948, Penn travelled to Peru for a Vogue fashion shoot. While the team travelled home, Penn decided to stay, spontaneously taking over the photography studio in Cusco and capturing images of the people living there.

 The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art recently dedicated an exhibition to the centennial photographer. Ending in July, it is coming to Europe in 2018, appearing at museums in London, Paris, Berlin and Munich. "Centennial" is a must-read for anyone who either cannot wait for the exhibition or is looking for a deeper insight into Irving’s world. Costing around US$ 70.00, it is an investment that no creative mind would ever regret. - Yvonne Heinen

 Irving Penn, Centennial, published by Maria Morris-Hambourg and Jeff L. Rosenheim with texts by Maria Morris

 Hambourg, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Alexandra Dennett, Philippe; Garner, Adam Kirsch, Harald E.L. Prins and Vasilios Zatse; 372 pages, 365 illustrations, in colour, Tritone and Quadtone, ISBN 978-3-8296-0800-8; approx. US$70.00, GBP 50.00, € 68.00