16/07/2021 – Encouragement for action 2021

Coloreel is nominated

Coloreel Group AB has been nominated for the prestigious Encouragement for action 2021 award in the category of Fashion innovation.


Coloreel is part of the movement to reduce waste and move the textile industry towards more sustainable production. By coloring the thread directly, there is no wastewater, hence no water pollution. © Coloreel


The award is given to digital and innovative advances that lead to positive and sustainable changes in the textile and fashion industry. It encourages companies and individuals that use a new perspective or technology to connect the fashion industry with progressive development.

The nominees are selected by an eight persons strong independent jury with representation from the Nordic textile and fashion industry.

Mattias Nordin, CEO, Coloreel:

“We are honoured to be nominated to the Encouragement for action 2021, Fashion innovation award by the Stockholm Fashion District. This confirms that our technology for digital coloring of thread on demand, that creates sustainable and creative fashion details, is a true innovation that supports the textile and fashion industries efforts to reduce the environmental impact.”

The winners will be announced at the Encouragement for Action talks 2021 on the 1st of September in Stockholm.

  • Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District as an encouragement award and an exhibition with the aim of encouraging sustainability and development in the fashion industry.
  • Coloreel is a Swedish textile innovation brand with a technology for embroidery that enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand. The brand uses its technology to both preserve the craftsmanship of embroidery and take embroidery to the next level. Using only a single thread and needle means that it also significantly improves quality and efficiency, enabling immediate start up and faster delivery.