15/09/2023 – Autefa Solutions

Customized nonwoven lines by Autefa Solutions

Autefa Solutions is a provider of customizable nonwoven needlepunch production lines, known for their performance, reliability, and quality. At Techtextil India, Autefa Solutions presented their comprehensive range of nonwoven machinery, serving various industrial applications, from hygiene and filtration to geotextiles and insulation.


“Airlay V 12/R” aerodynamic web forming machine. © Autefa Solutions


The design of the “Needle Loom Stylus” is tailored to requirements in terms of working width, maximum machine load and machine speeds achievable. © Autefa Solutions


These lines are said to be characterized by their ease of operation, low energy consumption, and consistent product quality, all contributing to reduced operating costs. Autefa Solutions is committed to innovation, continuously adapting to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Their 3-level closed-loop control system, featuring a state-of-the-art scanner, enables real-time web quality monitoring and adjustments for consistent product distribution. They also offer the “WebMax” web profile control system, ensuring uniform web profiling and reducing edge-related issues.

Recognizing the fashion industry`s growing focus on sustainability and circularity, Autefa Solutions introduced solutions for processing and reusing various fibers, including reclaimed, natural, and man-made materials. Key highlights included the “Airlay V 12/R” aerodynamic web forming machine and wetlaid-spunlace technology, offering sustainable and cost-effective nonwoven production.