22/11/2016 – Thoughts for the year — auf Deutsch lesen

Dear readers!

My personal word of the year 2016 is helpfulness. This, I suppose, is a virtue we should all be able to take for granted.


Iris Schlomski, editor-in-chief textile network


And yet, so many distressing reports in the media would have us believe otherwise.

Does this mean that helping thy neighbour has finally run its course? “In times of progressing digitalisation, global political crises and social upheaval, helping others and nurturing a sense of humanity are more important than ever,” writes textile network author Heike Frömbgen. In her article, she cites futurologist Matthias Horx who refers in his Future Report 2016 to the mindful person: these individuals are mindful of the world, their fellow human beings and their own feelings. The pillars (of helpfulness) include taking responsibility and being open-minded, approachable and tolerant. Anja Menzel, Editorial Assistant for textile network, thinks that the world becomes “a friendlier and happier place” when people give each other a helping hand. Bernd Raithel, Advertising Manager for textile network, believes that helpfulness “is always worthwhile and beneficial both to your own sense of well-being and to our business relationships." "After all", says Daniel Keienburg, Head of Digital Media at textile network, "there comes a time in everyone’s life when we depend upon and appreciate the support of others." While happiness and prosperity can only be achieved through competition, the will to achieve, ambition and self-interest, if there is no sense of humanity, helpfulness and warmth, these achievements have no soul and no meaning. In his dictionary for optimists, Florian Langenscheidt writes: "Doing things for family, friends and people paradoxically makes you happier than if you care only about your own advancement." In my view, helpfulness also goes hand in hand with gratitude. In the same way that helpfulness should be a given, any help received should be met with an equal measure of gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude

We, at textile network, are grateful to you, our readers, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you – for all your positive feedback and for the way in which you have supported our work this year! This will spur us on in 2017 and encourage us to continue down our chosen path to "360 days plus print". Along the way, we have a few surprises in store for you! And because it’s nearly Christmas, we’ve already prepared our first little gift: Somewhere inside the orinted issue of textile network, we have hidden three packages for you. For your chance to win one of five annual subscriptions to textile network, simply send the right page numbers to a.menzel@meisenbach.de and your name will be entered into our lucky draw (all decisions are final). Those who don’t win, can take advantage of our trial mini-subscription!