03/04/2019 – Jumbo-Textil — auf Deutsch lesen

Digitalisation – step by step

Jumbo-Textil continuously invests in digitalisation.


Highest precision and flexibility: digital braiding machines in the Jumbo-Textil machine park. © Jumbo-Textil


Jumbo-Textil controls its production facilities digitally: unwinding units, junctions, lay length, bobbin speed and all other parameters are set by touchpad on many braiding machines. Six further ultra-modern systems with sophisticated feeding technology ensure maximum flexibility, maximum precision and enormous efficiency.

Fast, flexible, precise

“This gives us almost unlimited possibilities when adjusting the braiding process and we can define the braiding results with high precision: the lay length, for example, can be adjusted continuously and precisely, and repeated with an accuracy of plus minus 0.1 millimetres”, as Jörg Fischer, the braiding shop manager at Jumbo-Textil explains. “And we can influence the properties of our products at any time – at the touch of a digital button, so to speak.”

Innovative solution partner

Jumbo-Textil can specify its high-tech textiles with the greatest precision using digitally controlled systems. And react very flexibly and at short notice to customer requests. Investments have been made here for years. In 2017, the high-tech textile company spent 300,000 euros on computer-controlled braiding machines alone – and has been digitalising its machinery ever since. Last year by acquiring new winding and braiding machines and retrofitting with electronic controls. The digitalisation process will be pursued consistently in 2019 as well. Plans for further investments in production technology are already in place. Because, according to Managing Director Andreas Kielholz: “Jumbo-Textil is always on the move as an innovative partner to develop and deliver solutions for our customers even more flexibly, even faster and even more efficiently.”