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29/06/2016 – Museum Tips — auf Deutsch lesen

Fashion and Textile Museum shows Missoni

An exhibition in Italy featuring Missoni’s company and family history attracted over 40, 000 visitors. Now the exhibits are on show in London.


Missoni succeeded in transforming fashion into art (Photo: Missoni)


An exhibition in the small northern Italian town of Gallarate featuring Missoni’s company and family history attracted over 40, 000 visitors to the Museo Maga at the end of last year and beginning of this. In fact, it was such a success that the exhibits are now on show in London where it is likewise generating a lot of attention.

Sparking interest from around the world

It is even sparking interest from other major cities around the world, with enquiries arriving from Sidney, Dubai and Shanghai, requesting to run the exhibition in 2017. For the time being, however, the exhibition is still at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London where it has been running since 6 May and will remain until 4 September 2016. This is a show that illustrates how family-run Missoni succeeded in transforming fashion into art.

Transforming fashion into art

Company founder Ottavio Missoni is portrayed in the same context as many artists close to his heart. Following his death, this tradition has been upheld by his children. Luca Missoni is Director of the Archivio Missoni. He has a passion for shedding light on the creative processes behind a Missoni knitted garment right through to the finished product, and has enjoyed working together with The Woolmark Company in London. However, space restrictions mean that only a large selection of the exhibits from Gallarate can be displayed in London. Missoni is highly successful both in the apparel and homewear sectors. The company ventured into the UK hotel market just a few years ago. An exhibition catalogue is available.

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