24/07/2023 – Bangladesh Apparel Exchange

First “Best of Bangladesh” expo

The first-ever “Made in Bangladesh” show, “Best of Bangladesh”, will present the country`s top industries at Gashouder, Westergas, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 4th and 5th, 2023. It is organized by Bangladesh Apparel Exchange with the support of the Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands.


The “Best of Bangladesh” show – aims to open the doors for Europe to experience what the best of Bangladeshi industries have to offer. © Bangladesh Apparel Exchange


A total of 40 Bangladeshi companies, spanning the country’s best from apparel, textile, leather, Agro, jute, handicrafts, pharmaceuticals, light engineering, the digital industry, and others will showcase their sustainable and innovative products at the event.

The “Best of Bangladesh” will be held with the support of the Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands on 4th and 5th September. It is organized to accelerate the burgeoning engagements between entrepreneurs and private sector entities on both the European and Bangladeshi sides. The “Made in Bangladesh” tag speaks of Bangladesh’s growing economic strengths and increasing presence in the global economic landscape, not just as the world’s 2nd largest and responsible-ethical-transparent Apparel-maker.

Bangladesh`s economy ranks as the world’s 37th largest now and is rapidly-expanding. The event takes a captivating journey through the nation's remarkable potential. There will be an inaugural ceremony and seven interactive sessions, which will be conducted by international industry leaders:

1. Bangladesh – Perspectives from An Emerging Economy

2. Bangladesh – Your Sustainable Sourcing Destination

3. Empowering the Future: Advancing Safety & Well-being for Garment Workers in Bangladesh

4. Bangladesh Agro-Food: A Next Opportunity for Collaboration

5. Impact investing: The Next Frontier

6. Sustainable Synergy: Circular Economy, Climate Action & Bangladesh’s Future

7. Digitization and Digital Economy in Bangladesh

Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange, Mostafiz Uddin, said: “It’s not just an exhibition. The Best of Bangladesh will offer an experience what the Bangladeshi industries could offer to Europe. The Westergas, Amsterdam, has been chosen as the place for the event as it’s located at the centerstage of Europe and it’s expected that business communities, policy makers and media from across the Europe will flock to the Best of Bangladesh. By visiting the Best of Bangladesh our friends from Europe could rediscover Bangladesh and keep themselves updated about the latest developments in the major industries of this South Asian emerging economy.”