05/12/2023 – Allied Feather + Down/Jack Wolfskin

Going chemical-free

Jack Wolfskin, the German manufacturer of eco-conscious outdoor apparel, will use Allied`s chemical-free “ExpeDRY” hydrophobic down throughout their new for 2024 hydrophobic down line.


“ExpeDRY” represents the evolution of hydrophobic down insulation. © Jack Wolfskin


Allied´s Creative Director, Matthew Betcher, emphasizes the limitations of traditional hydrophobic chemistry in insulating materials like down jackets, which often encounter humidity and water vapor. “However, for insulation, the needs are much different. In real world situations, the down in jackets more often comes into contact with humidity and water vapor, where traditional hydrophobic chemistry is far less efficient. ‘ExpeDRY’, however, actively works to keep this vapor from condensing, allowing it to evaporate more easily, keeping the entire insulation chamber, and the user, dryer and warmer”, Betcher said. Furthermore he stresses the necessity of reducing chemical use for both performance and environmental reasons. According to new studies recently published by Scientific American, “in the European Union alone, some 80% of human-made chemicals have been used without testing for more than a decade.” Jack Wolfskin integrates “ExpeDry” into their FW24 apparel lines, heralding an eco-friendly revolution. The technology, said to be affordable and readily available in China, offers enhanced performance while reducing environmental impact. As a result, Allied, a supplier of raw material in the industry, collaborates with brands like Jack Wolfskin to promote sustainable down technologies, ensuring animal welfare and environmental protection.