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08/11/2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: Vietnam in the program

Rail Eurasia Route Duisburg - Hanoi Photo: Hellmann

Rail Eurasia Route Duisburg - Hanoi Photo: Hellmann


The logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, headquartered in Osnabrueck, expands its Rail Eurasia transport service by adding the destination Vietnam.

Last month, Hellmann has added a new route to expand its rail service from Vietnam to Europe. The dispatch takes place in Hanoi. In tested and customs confirmed operational procedures, the containers are brought on the way and reach the final destination of Hanoi from the terminal in Germany in 19 to 20 days.

Rail transports are becoming increasingly important for the textile industry for the transport from Asia to Europe. Due to significantly shorter transit times, the far better CO2-balance compared to air freight and the reliability, more and more textile customers rely on rail transports. The rail service is not limited to FCL, LCL shipments are also possible. To complete the service, Hellmann also offers its customers cross-docking, hub services, warehouse solutions and fiscal representations. So far, Hellmann has already transported 3,000 TEU this way.

Many factories are relocated to the inland regions of China, away from the cities in expensive coastal area. Therefore, rail services are an option that is increasingly used compared to air freight or sea / air combination. Werner Hortig from s.Oliver, Rottendorf, confirmed on the Textile Logistics Congress in September 2015 that the temperature fluctuations by previous experience had no negative impact on the textiles transported by rail way from Asia to Europe.

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