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Hermes: A new IT platform

Hermes Fulfilment has developed a new IT platform to deliver even more efficient processes to its growing client-specific logistics services business. Based on a standard SAP software programme, the platform has a modular design and can easily be linked up to clients' systems. Fashion retailer SinnLeffers is the first Hermes Fulfilment client to be running on the new IT platform.

As its e-commerce partner, Hermes Fulfilment handles the warehousing, picking, distribution, returns processing, payment management and customer care for the fashion chain. The central hub for the logistics services is Hermes Fulfilment's Löhne location in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany. SinnLeffers had specifically requested that the online sales channel should be designed so that inventory could easily be moved between its online and store based retail formats. Headquartered in Hamburg and with locations in Haldensleben, Löhne and Ohrdruf, Hermes Fulfilment GmbH is a member of the Otto Group and provides a wide range of services to the distance-selling retail sector.

As the quantity of goods, range of products and number of clients increases, fulfilment processes are set to become increasingly complex. “For this reason, with all their underlying process components, today's full service e-commerce solutions need to be run on standardised platforms. At the same time, any such platform has to be open and stable and yet remain flexible when it comes down to details,” explains Enrico Bumann, head of IT at Hermes Fulfilment. In order to satisfy all these demands Hermes Fulfilment has decided to migrate its IT systems to SAP. The new platform has a modular design so that clients can request to have functions and process components added or removed. “The special thing about our end-to-end approach is that as well as supporting the fulfilment components, the IT-architecture can also handle the retail and logistics processes. What is more, it does this for distance selling, store based and multi-channel retail formats,” adds Enrico Bumann.

The migration of pilot client SinnLeffers to the new IT platform has been successfully completed. “Hermes Fulfilment has done an excellent job of tailoring the standard software programme to meet our needs and requirements,” recalls Wilko Peters, head of e-commerce at SinnLeffers. “The migration began on schedule and was accomplished within a couple of hours, without interfering with normal operation.”

By modernising its IT systems and migrating to SAP, Hermes Fulfilment has achieved one of its long-term strategic goals. “The successful start of the new IT platform constitutes a considerable step forward for both our client and ourselves,” notes Dieter Urbanke, managing director of Hermes Fulfilment. “In future the new platform will make client integration faster and much more flexible.” In the medium term all Hermes Fulfilment's locations and all its clients will be migrating to the new platform. The integration of new clients will run in parallel.

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Headquartered in Hamburg and with locations in Haldensleben, Löhne and Ohrdruf, Hermes Fulfilment GmbH is a member of the Otto Group and provides a wide range of services to the distance-selling retail sector. Backed by its experience in the retail sector, Hermes Fulfilment manages the entire supply chain and offers services ranging from the setting up and management of online stores, accounts receivable management, financial services and customer care to warehousing, distribution and returns management. Hermes Fulfilment provides logistics services for as many as one million different products and handles some 300 million items a year. The spectrum of goods ranges from smartphones, tablet devices and textiles to jewellery, furniture and washing machines. The clients of Hermes Fulfilment GmbH primarily operate in the consumer goods industry. Hermes Fulfilment GmbH sees itself in the market as an impartial service provider, providing international full service e-commerce solutions to companies within the Otto Group as well as to external clients. Hermes Fulfilment GmbH operates under the Hermes umbrella brand and partners with Hermes business segments Sourcing & Product, Transport Logistics and Distribution.