14/09/2021 – Transition of the Global Fashion System

IAF’S 36th world fashion convention is taking shape

The IAF’s 36th World Fashion Convention, November 7-9, 2021, in Antwerp, will bring together senior apparel industry representatives from across the supply chain.


The IAF’s 36th World Fashion Convention, held back-to-back with the Euratex 9th European Apparel & Textile Convention on November 7-9, 2021, in Antwerp, is taking shape with a strong backing from a global cast of sponsors. © IAF


The Convention’s theme ‘Transition of the Global Fashion System’ will be consistently viewed through the lens of the necessary buyer-supplier collaboration to pull of the needed transition.

David Sävmann, head of supply chain at the H&M Group, will be one of the IAF Convention’s speakers who will be discussing with various manufacturers from different parts of the world on this theme. Leading industry analyst John Thorbeck will present a current business case highlighting the strong link between a transition of business processes and improved sustainability. And the convention’s extensive coverage of the crucial topic of digitalization will be built around the interaction between brands, retailers and their suppliers.

Back-to-back with Euratex

Whereas the IAF conference on Monday, November 8, views industry transition through the lens of global supply chain collaboration, the Euratex conference on Tuesday, November 9, takes a legislative perspective. There is a barrage of rules on sustainability and labour conditions with a potentially large effect on the apparel industry that will be coming from Brussels in the coming years.


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