20/09/2021 – Networking, agile working and more — auf Deutsch lesen

Karl Mayer with new head office building

The Karl Mayer Group’s corporate headquarters moved into a new building. It forms the focal point of the new Campus at the Obertshausen site.


Arno Gärtner, Karl Mayer’s CEO (left in the picture) and Dr. Helmut Preßl, Karl Mayer’s CFO, open the new building of the headquarters with a cut through the red ribbon. © Karl Mayer


The building complex covers an area of 5,600 m². It is designed for 150 employees, invites people to exchange ideas and network. An Innovation Hub provides space and opportunities for new ideas and developments together with customers from all over the world.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our international guests to a headquarters that, with its modern, transparent design and inspiring atmosphere, reflects the dynamics, cosmo-politanism and innovative strength of the Karl Mayer Group,” said its CFO Dr. Helmut Preßl.

Sustainability in construction and operation

Air-source heat pumps take care of the entire energy supply, economical, long-lasting LED technology reduces power consumption, and digitization means that work is paperless wherever legally possible. Recycled materials were used where practical and feasible. For example, the paving stones in the outdoor areas were already in use. Almost all roof surfaces are extensively greened, providing habitats for insects and retaining rainwater. In addition, all materials used meet the specifications for a healthy working climate, and all current legal requirements for thermal insulation are complied with.