23/02/2021 – Editorial — auf Deutsch lesen

Keeping the future in our sights

The world is still firmly in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, with many in the thick of it, battling against the crippling effects of the lockdown.


In the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), textile network will report throughout 2021 on topics important to the textile and clothing industry, including innovations (in fibres, yarns, textile surfaces, technologies), research, textiles and clothing, digitalisation, industry 4.0,... Always up to date! © j-mel/stock.adobe.com


We, at textile network, have likewise been feeling the repercussions of the pandemic and are listening to the industry’s concerns and fears. And, of course, we are all asking ourselves two burning questions: When will we finally get our lives back? And what will life be like when we do?

  • One thing is already certain: nothing will be as it was before. The global effects of the lockdown have simply been too invasive and will have consequences for all of us. But we also know that we will always need textiles. All textiles have a future – be it technical textiles, apparel or home textiles.

Of visionaries and doers

In recent weeks and months, we have been receiving many positive reports from across the industry. We have been sharing them online, and they fill us with a deep sense of optimism as we look to the future. Frankfurt Fashion Week (5–9 July 2021), for example, is positioning itself with a strong sustainability agenda, driving the transformation towards a modern, resource-efficient industry and securing the future of fashion. Lectra, on the other hand, has joined forces with Gerber Technology to expand its portfolio based on Industry 4.0 technologies, as it progresses down the path towards transformation and digitalisation.

The digital age has us all in its grasp and is offering us, here at textile network, a whole host of new opportunities (as users of our websites/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you will already be well aware). Nevertheless, we still see our online offering as a complement to our print edition. We strongly believe that clicking on a headline just isn’t the same as immersing yourself in a magazine for a couple of hours.

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