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New issue textile network 4-2023

In our current issue of textile network, we present a fascinating world of sustainable technical textiles, exciting developments in the field of innovations, and, in particular, the possibility of redefining the touch test, as you can read in our cover story on emtec Electronic.


The textile network 04-2023 issue is the last of the year. © Meisenbach Verlag


With this issue, we bid farewell to an eventful year and take a look back at months full of challenges, but which were also characterized by impressive innovations and groundbreaking developments in the textile and apparel industry. We promise you a wealth of innovations, sustainable initiatives and continuous change in our industry in the coming year. We look forward to keeping you up to date in the future and experiencing the exciting developments in the world of textiles together.

You can order the new issue of textile network here. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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