05/08/2021 – Change in leadership — auf Deutsch lesen

New CEO at Schoeller Textil

In July 2021, Joachim Kath has taken over as CEO. Following a 10-year career, Siegfried Winkelbeiner has moved into retirement.


Siegried Winkelbeiner (right) und Joachim Kath (left) –The two CEOs know one another well from their previous work and from joint international projects at Ciba-Geigy and BASF. © Schoeller Textil


The transition comes after long-term planning. Since February 2020, and in close partnership with Siegfried Winkelbeiner, Joachim Kath has been preparing as Schoeller COO to take over its management.

Joachim Kath’s background

Joachim Kath originally comes from Flensburg, Germany, and, following his studies of Chemical Engineering in Karlsruhe, shaped his professional career in the chemical industry with Ciba (-Geigy) / BASF in Basel, Suisse. His career over 30 years has incorporated engineering, production and marketing and sales in diverse management functions – in a wide range of business segments for various industries and areas of application around the globe.

Joachim Kath spent 12 years of his career dedicated to textile finishing, with a period of intensive travel in Asia and a 3-year stay in the USA.

Goal: Continue the success story

Asked how he sees himself, Joachim Kath said: “The common thread running through all my assignments and business activities is process orientation, interest in new paths, and an instinct for what is feasible – with the goal of achieving customer benefits and satisfaction.” Kath aims to ensure that Schoeller can continue to face the challenges of changing market requirements with outstanding and exceptional products, while evolving and innovating to stay ahead of consumer needs for the future.

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