07/09/2022 – Personnel matter — auf Deutsch lesen

New managing director at TVU

In addition to the company’s 100th anniversary, TVU from Germany can also look forward to a new member in the management team.


Managing Director Christoph Heubeck will strengthen TVU’s core business and promote new projects. © TVU


As of September 1, 2022, Christoph Heubeck has been appointed as Managing Director of all companies in the TVU Group and takes over the leadership together with Gerhard Hausner.

After studying Economics at the University of Bayreuth, Heubeck helped to work with underaged, unaccompanied refugees. In 2016, he joined TVU as assistant to the management. As authorised signatory and commercial manager, Christoph Heubeck has played a significant role in determining and driving forward the development of TVU in recent years. A major task for the managing director will be to further strengthen TVU’s core business, which consists of yarn finishing and yarn trading, as well as to promote new, promising projects.

  • About TVU: Based in Leutershausen, Germany, TVU has developed from a simple dyer for fashion clothing to a high-tech dyer for medical and hygiene products, candle wicks as well as articles from the automotive supplier sector. As an innovation leader, sustainable solutions are sought in research and development projects in order to set new standards in the interaction of work quality, corporate success and environmental protection.