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Odor-free, synthetic textiles

The challenge: combining product comfort and responsible use of resources. Odoractiv10, the naturally active, patented technology by SANITIZED AG, permanently makes synthetic textiles odor-free. No permastink and fewer washes – an easy-to-market and in-demand benefit.


Sanitized® odor control means long-lasting freshness for sportswear. © SANITIZED AG




Nobody wants polyester textiles with a sweat odor! SANITIZED AG has been working on odor management in textiles for many years to protect synthetic clothes from permastink. The new Odoractiv10, winner of the Swiss Technology Award, uses natural mechanisms.

Odor neutralization

Odor management means a long-lasting feeling of freshness for polyester sportswear and workwear, even when performing physical activity that causes sweating. How does that work with SANITIZED? Odoractiv10 is based on natural silicon dioxide. This additive forms a fine-pored sponge structure, and its integrated odor catchers draw and neutralize odors.

A sustainable choice

Results: The textiles can be washed less often and only require low temperatures to do so, which has the benefit of saving water, energy, and detergent. For the growing number of consumers who deem resource conservation important, these facts matter as much as the OEKO Tex and Skin Friendly seal. No additional binder system is required to use this technology. www.sanitized.com

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