18/03/2024 – Partnership CHT/Fulgar

Presenting sustainable solutions at the Performance Days

The partnership between CHT and Fulgar aims to help companies to achieve their sustainability goals by offering pioneering and responsible solutions to the textile industry. This can be seen at this year´s Performance Days functional fair in Munich.


“BeSo Responsible” by CHT mixed with Fulgar´s “Q-Cycle“ equals a sustainable dyed yarn. © CHT/Fulgar


“BeSo Responsible” by CHT, is a resource-efficient concept designed to enhance textile dyeing processes. It can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency while conserving resources. The “BeSo Responsible Shortcut“ process introduces an innovative approach for dyeing Fulgar´s “Q-Cycle“ recycled PA 6.6 yarn. By combining and fixing (after treatment) in a single bath, this process significantly reduces time, water, and energy consumption. CHT employs the leveling agent “Sarbid IPM” and the after treatment agent “Pafix SBS” to achieve this one-bath dyeing and fixing process. Depending on the color shade, the “Shortcut” process can be fine-tuned to maximize savings by eliminating the extra aftertreatment step. Furthermore, CHT´s “Bemacid” acid dyes (such as “Bemacid N-TF or “Bemacid F-T”) enhance wet fastness properties, contributing to the overall quality of the dyed yarn.

“Q-Cycle” by Fulgar represents a breakthrough in sustainable fibers. It is a 100% recycled mass-balanced PA fiber, produced without virgin crude oil raw materials. The chemical recycling technology behind “Q-Cycle” replaces traditional raw materials with pyrolysis oil from the waste of end-of-life tires. By using “Q-Cycle”, up to 50% of CO2 equivalents can be saved during yarn production.

As a result, the “Shortcut” process applied to “Q-Cycle” by Fulgar ensures the same functional and aesthetic benefits as virgin polyamide products, but is environmental responsible at the same time. Overall the joint effort of CHT and Fulgar focuses on helping companies achieve their sustainability goals.