02/10/2019 – Textile Manufacturer invests in Prismatek — auf Deutsch lesen

Schmitz Textiles expands into the US

Schmitz Textiles acquired a stake in the US based fabric company Prismatek International LLC, fostering their North American market expansion.


Founded in 1989, the Prismatek family business is successful in the American market: Schmitz Textiles benefits from it. © ednorog13/stock.adobe.com


Stefan Ruholl: “We aim to spur growth outside our strong core market in Europe and thus safeguard the future development of the company.” © Larissa Ehmke/Schmitz Textiles


Prismatek, a family owned business founded in 1989, is an established player in the US textiles market. As one of the leading importers and wholesalers of European textiles, they are represented nationwide via a network of sales representatives and designer showrooms. Prismatek operates out of its US Headquarters, warehouse, and processing facility in Cape Coral, Florida. From now on, Prismatek will run their business under Schmitz Textiles, with Anke Kondek as the Chief Executive Officer. She will be supported by Schmitz Textiles Sales Directors Hubert Reinermann (drapilux) and Wouter Hof (swela).

Schmitz Textiles was looking for a partnership of equals, whereas Prismatek was seeking long-term collaboration with a full-service manufacturer of high-quality textiles “made in Germany”. For Schmitz Textiles, the investment opens up opportunities in the US, Canada and Central America.

Anke Kondek, CEO Schmitz Textiles (US):

“The investment is a classic win–win scenario. It’s a huge boost for us that we can now harness the power of a German SME for our operations on the US market.”

Stefan Ruholl, Managing Director Schmitz Textiles:

“We aim to spur growth outside our strong core market in Europe and thus safeguard the future development of the company.”

Previous experience of the US market, however, has shown that this is only possible in close cooperation with a partner in the United States, as there are considerable differences in terms of market conditions and mentality. The company has found precisely the right partner in Prismatek. “We see huge potential in the US, especially for our drapilux and swela brands,” added Stefan Ruholl.

Sales Directors Schmitz Textiles:

“With its extensive production and retail base in the boat cover and outdoor fabrics segment, Florida offers exciting opportunities for swela,” explained Wouter Hof. “Thanks to strong growth in the US market, drapilux enjoys similarly promising prospects in the healthcare, hospitality and cruise ship sectors,” added Hubert Reinermann.

Cruise Ship Interior Expo in Miami, Florida

drapilux specializes in flame-retardant curtains and decorative fabrics with intelligent added functions. In-depth talks with customers at the drapilux stand during the Cruise Ship Interior Expo in Miami, Florida, in June 2019 revealed that Florida is currently emerging as a global cruise ship hotspot. As such, the fact that the US Headquarters of Schmitz Textiles is located in the state was a positive factor.

At its trade fair debut in the United States, drapilux was joined by the Prismatek team. “Trade fair appearances like this one show that the investment has also been well received outside the company, as it is crucial for US customers that suppliers are represented with a subsidiary on the US market,” said a delighted Stefan Ruholl.