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Seamless checking processes with the Centric Tools

MEWA is Europe’s leading textile service provider. The sustainably growing family-run business uses the ICS Tools from Centric to automate large parts of its SAP® HCM-based personnel processes. Payroll services for the 17 German companies are now efficient and transparent.






The HR department introduced several Centric Tools in 2018. The PLK and PLX tools act as an internal control system (ICS) for SAP HCM, supplemented by MADAP PA and OM for master data management and VBT2 as an evaluation and reporting tool. PLK and PLX support a fully digitalised, decentralised checking scenario at MEWA. The central HR department uses it to check about 4,500 payroll accounts every month in cooperation with the HR employees at the locations.

The time savings resulting from the automated checking processes are considerable. While plausibility checking previously required enormous effort from those responsible for checking and was only possible with manual lists, the information generated by PLK can be reviewed within an hour and distributed for further processing at the push of a button. The clear cockpit interface provides HR staff with an overview of the processing status at all times. The system support thus ensures correct and complete payroll services for the MEWA employees in the long term. The current rules saved in the checking system also play a key role in this.

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