01/03/2017 – Storytelling — auf Deutsch lesen

Social responsibility – a successful PR strategy

Businesses engaged in social and environmental activities thus have a fairytale blueprint at hand, including victorious heroes and heroines saving the day.


Patagonia’s Black Friday cross-media campaign (Photo: Patagonia)


Who doesn’t like a good story? Especially when it is not only beautiful but true. Charitable initiatives, however, are not a prerequisite for many fashion labels committed to sustainable and fair production. Transparent business policies and management can also be a form of storytelling that allows consumers to learn about manufacturing processes, the ideas and people behind the product and the materials involved. These are often stories about fair working conditions and of men and women who have been given an opportunity. Transparency, therefore, can be another effective and powerful marketing tool.

In our printed edition, textile network 3-4 2017 (release date March 27, 2017), you find out some interesting examples of attractive "storytelling".



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