01/12/2023 – ACG Nyström/TMAS

Supporting creative identity in Ukraine

As a member of TMAS – the Swedish Textile Machinery Association – ACG Nyström reports solid success in embroidery machine sales with the latest “Tajima TMEZ” models in Denmark, Norway, Sweden – and notably in Ukraine.


New embroidery machine installations by ACG Nyström Ukraine have been boosted by the success of vyshyvanka sales around the world. © AWOL Media


The “Tajima TMEZ” range of single and multi-head embroidery machines is rapidly introducing intelligent thread management (I-TM) to the market, enabling virtually anyone to quickly and easily become an embroidery specialist. This technology analyzes designs, auto-adjutst thread supply, and eliminates manual tension adjustments, ensuring consistent results. ACG Nyström´s comprehensive CAD/CAM solutions cater to garment manufacturing. Despite Ukraine´s turmoil, ACG Nyström Ukraine, thrives in Lviv, reporting active curtomers and a surge in embroidery machine installations. Nevertheless, “Some of our customers have also been forced to leave their businesses in the east of the country and have now successfully relocated in the west, where it is relatively calm, although we are still very scared,” says ACG Nyström Ukraine managing director Halya Andrushkiv. “Keeping busy also helps to keep everybody´s minds off the situation here.” While military badges are said to be one growth area, there also remains much activity in branded corporate apparel and there has meanwhile been a revival of interest in vyshyvankas – the elaborately embroidered shirts and dresses traditionally worn in the country. Vyshyvankas see support through modernized embroidery techniques, fostering national pride and global recognition. This year, many celebrities joined in to support the Ukraine, wearing tailor-made vyshyvankas, designed by the Ukrainian emboidery brand Etnodim and others. Some of the stars wore shirts with patterns specific to the regions where their ancestors lived – Liev Schreiber´s, for instance, came from Odesa and Barbara Streisand´s from Ternopil. Supported by its parent company in Sweden, ACG Nyström Ukraine is enabling this growth worldwide, via the latest “Tajima” embroidery techniques and associated software. TMAS aids ACG Nyström´s expansion, fortifying technical advancements and collaboration.