22/11/2023 – Rudolf GmbH

Sustainable fashion evolution

Rudolf Hub1922, the fashion division of Rudolf Group, pioneers evolutionary chemistry and unveiled sustainable textile innovations at Denim by Premiere Vision Milan.


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Utilizing renewable feedstock and waste materials like organic and plastic waste, Rudolf is redefining textile chemistry. This breakthrough is said to address environmental concerns in the apparel industry, significantly reducing its ecological impact. The aim is to convert waste into valuable resources, endorsing a circular economy. Alberto De Conti, Head of Rudolf Hub1922, emphasizes: “Rudolf´s approach tackles the challenge of waste generation head-on by transforming waste materials into valuable resources.” The successful integration of chemicals derived from organic and plastic waste, as well as renewable feedstocks, necessitates effective communication and education. Herein lies the significance of fostering collaborative efforts within the industry. De Conti underscores this point by stating: “Collaboration among scientists, fashion designers, and manufacturers is paramount. It propels a collective shift towards sustainable practices, making eco-friendly fashion the standard and minimizing the industry´s environmental impact.” With a history dating back to 1922, Rudolf provides innovative textile solutions, emphasizing responsible action in environment, safety, and health through various partnerships and standards compliance.

About Rudolf

Rudolf, whose headquarters are in Geretsried, Bavaria, was founded by Reinhold Rudolf in Northern Bohemia in 1922. The company excels in innovative and high-quality textile auxiliaries, solutions for textile care and construction chemicals. In 45 countries around the world, 1,987 employees provide logistical and technical services. The combination of backwards integration, scientific knowledge, development know-how, market insights and thorough application expertise make Rudolf GmbH an experienced and competent partner for the customers of the textile finishing industry, co-producers and many other industries.

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