12/04/2024 – Techtextil and Texprocess

Swedish digitised solutions

Members of TMAS – the Swedish textile machinery association – will display technologies completely in alignment with the digitalisation theme of the forthcoming Techtextil and Texprocess 2024 exhibitions taking place in Frankfurt from April 23rd – 26th.


Eton Systems software continuously accumulates, processes and makes all production information instantly available. © TMAS/Awol Media


Advances in automation are making the specialised, bespoke machines engineered by Svegea ever more efficient. © TMAS/Awol Media

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Automatic handling

Eton Systems will showcase their fully automated handling solutions at Texprocess. Designed to omptimize production by eliminating manual tasks and maximizing efficiency through their “Eton ingenious” software. Eton CEO Jerker Krabbe underscores the software´s role in providing real-time data and enhancing transparency throughout the production process.

Bespoke seams

Svegea will also present its “EC 300-XS” colarettte technology at Texprocess, catering to the needs of garment manufacturers with automated machinery for producing tubular apparel components. Svegea´s Managing Director, Hakan Steene, notes increased intrest in reshoring operations to key markets like Europe and the US. facilitated by advancements in automation.

Digital finishing

At Techtextil meanwhile, Baldwin Technology Co. will provide full details of how its “Tex Coat G4” non-contact spray technology, offering eco-friendly textile finishing solutions with significant reductions in water, chemical, and energy consumption, is working. “Since its introduction, global textile finishers have embraced ‘Tex Coat’ and are now reaping the benefits,” says vice-president of global business development Rick Stanford. “They have been able to increase profitability, cut energy use and reduce their carbon footprint in addition to exercising precision control with our patented precision spray technology.”

Yarn tension and accumulated know-how

The domain of yarn tension monitoring, Eltex and Vandewiele Sweden AB will demonstrate their latest innovations. Eltex´s “Ey ETM” system provides real-time monitoring and control of yarn tension, ensuring premium quality in textile production. Vandewiele Sweden AB, leveraging the expertise of the Vandewiele Group, offers advanced weft yarn feeding and tension control units to enhance productivity and quality in weaving rooms. The company will present its “X4” yarn feeders amongst other products.

Supply chain infrastructure

TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson stresses the importance of upgrading supply chain infrastructures to meet regulatory requirements and sustainabiliy demand. She says: “It is now essential for companies at all stages of the manufacturing supply chain to improve their infrastructures since upcoming legal regulations – such as the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles and the associated digital product passport – will require a corresponding level of digitalisation. At the same time, digitalisation is helping manufacturers to meet the sustainability requirements of customers and partners by, for example, improving supply chain transparency and resource calculation. We look forward to discussing the digital solutions offered by TMAS members at the Techtextil and Texprocess shows.”

In conlusion, TMAS members are poised to discuss and showcase their digital solutions at the upcoming exhibitions, providing valuable insights into the future of the textile industry.