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Swiss National Section

This year’s International Congress of the International Federation of Knitting Technologists (IFWS) took place on 19th May 2017 in Zurich.


IFKT gets a feel for the “Schellenberg Touch” at E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG © IFWS


Uster Tester 6 the Total Testing Center © Uster Technologies

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Along with its Swiss members and IFWS affiliates, the Congress welcomed guests from its national sections in Germany and Austria as well as numerous STF textile technology students, representing the next generation of textile experts.First on the agenda were five talks by specialists: RealLook AG’s CEO Andreas Giggenbühl introduced Selfnations, an innovative programme with a clever algorithm that makes it possible for customers to order individually tailored jeans online. Using this technology, only 9% of first orders were returned, compared to an average industry wide return rate of over 50%.

Werner Baumann of Uster Technologies AG presented different testing instruments for quality control. Walter Bowals of Amsler Text provided information about the manufacture of fancy yarns and their properties. Andreas Hämmerle of Teccno-Tex GmbH talked about the role of the textile industry in the wider context of innovation and how technical textiles helped reduce the weight of cars as well as their emissions. Clemens Kaplan of Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH showed printing and coating systems that are still being produced in Austria.

Following a tour around STF, Schellenberg Textildruck AG, a poster child of Swiss business development, opened its doors to congress visitors. The company has been family-owned since its foundation in 1946 and never wavered in its commitment to high quality and technological advancement. Today, its three-shift operation processes 5.6 million linear metres every year. In order to be able to quickly respond to customer requirements, Schellenberg Textildruck has expanded its logistics system with a warehouse containing a vast stock of partially pre-treated raw materials and around 2000 printing templates.

The famous “Schellenberg Touch” has been developed by the company founder and continues to be refined and perfected with every generation. Thus, industry experts can immediately identify genuine Schellenberg products by their visual and textural qualities, which are sought after by the top names in the industry. A look at their client list reveals renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton and Mey. Urs Schellenberg explained how this Swiss enterprise keeps its leading position on the world market thanks to its high-quality product range and a respectful and success-oriented team spirit across the entire production chain.

The day’s programme finished with the general assembly of the IFWS Swiss National Section at the Rössli Illnau Hotel & Restaurant. With all agenda items ticked off, interesting conversations and a stimulating exchange of ideas over dinner, lasting well into the night, provided the perfect end to a busy day.

The IFWS Swiss National Section extends its thanks to STF, particularly Sonja Amport (Director) and Holger Neubauer (head of the textiles department), for hosting the event as well as E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG and Urs Schellenberg for their time and support.

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