11/05/2017 – Techtextil 2017: Space in Living! — auf Deutsch lesen

On a more personal note: We look forward to seeing you!

Under the heading “Space in Living”, we are presenting at the Techtextil/Texprocess our innovative “Chill Lounge” at our Stand F86 in the Foyer of Hall 4.1.

living in Space Techtextil Texprocess Hall 6.0

living in Space Techtextil Texprocess Hall 6.0.


In cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Techtextil in Frankfurt am Main is presenting “Living in Space” from 9-12 May 2017, which highlights diverse applications for technical textiles using aerospace as an example. Texprocess, which runs concurrently, will also be involved, presenting four themes that spotlight high-tech textiles and textile processing technologies from and for the aerospace industry.

Under the heading “Space in Living”, we at textile network are presenting our innovative “Chill Lounge” at our Stand F86 in the Foyer of Hall 4.1 in collaboration with the Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers (VDMD). Every day, we will be holding several short interviews with interesting personalities from the industry. They will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will start at 10am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon The interviews will be held by textile network’s Editor-in-Chief, Iris Schlomski, the President of the VDMD, René Lang, and the Managing Director of the VDMD, Mara Michel. We would like to invite you to engage in an active dialogue, to network at our stand and also to chill with us every evening from 5pm. Come and visit us at Stand F86 in the Foyer of Hall 4.1 (between Halls 5/6 and 3) from 9-12 May 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our interview partners (the interviews are conducted in German)

Di. 09.05.2017

15:00 Uhr Technische Textilien – Blick in die Zukunft

Timo Piwonski, Iprotex GmbH & Co. KG

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Michael, Firocon GmbH

Marc W. Lorch, Dr. Zwissler AG

Mi., 10.05.2017

10:00 Uhr Technische Textilien und Oberflächen-Veredlung

Jürgen Brecht, Marc Cain

Antoine Doubacis, The Patternclub uG

Stephan Gunold, Gunold GmbH

Michael Nothelfer, caddon printing and imaging gm

Joachim Rees, Multi-Plot Europe GmbH

Mi., 10.05.2017

15:00 Uhr Technische Textilien und Design

Anja Gockel, Anja Gockel GmbH

Olivia Rudschewski & Susanne Berngruber, So Gush GbR

Hans Widmann, Kreativ Studio Widmann

Mi., 10.05.2017

16:00 Uhr Ein Verbandsgespräch

Silvia Jungbauer, Gesamtmasche

Michael Pöhlig, IVGT

Mara Michel, VDMD

Do., 11.05.2017

10:00 Uhr Technische Textilien und Nachhaltigkeit

Prof. Dr. Andre Matthes, TU Chemnitz

Jörg Diekmann, Oeko-Tex

Jana Kern, Kern Kommunikation

Sophia Schneider-Esleben, SSS

Heike Frömbgen-Penkert, Fahmoda

Do., 11.05.2017

15:00 Uhr Techtextil/Texprocess: Wie hängt alles zusammen

Guido Brackelsberg Setlog GmbH

Thorsten Schwarz Intex

Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh Gerber Technology

Do., 11.05.2017

16:00 Uhr Resümee und Ausblick

Michael Jänecke Messe Frankfurt