03/05/2024 – TMAS/ITMF

The Swedish Textile Machinery Association joins ITMF

TMAS, the Swedish Textile Machinery Association, has become the latest Associate Member of the ITMF, which continues to expand as the international forum for the global textile manufacturing value chain.


Therese Premier-Andersson (TMAS) and Christian Schindler (ITMF). © ITMF/TMAS


ITMF members already include companies responsible for approximately 90% of global textile and apparel production and the Federation´s reach continues to be extended through ventures such as this year´s Annual Conference, which will take place in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from September 8th-10th, alongside the International Apparel Federation´s 2024 Fashion Convention. This follows on from the highly successful 2023 ITMF Annual Conference which took place in Keqiao, China. TMAS members have a similar global perspective as the leading Swedish companies providing textile technology. Expertise within the association ranges advanced systems for yarn fault detection and tension monitoring, to yarn feeding technology for weaving, automated sewing production lines, cutting machines, embroidery technology, effective material handling systems, spray application system for fabric finishing and much more.

“ITMF is delighted to welcome TMAS as its latest member, which will only strengthen our position as a unique international platform for the global textile value chain,” says ITMF Director General Christian Schindler. “Forging links with advanced textile machinery providers is extremely beneficial to our textile and apparel manufacturing members, who are always seeking the latest technologies and solutions which will help them to keep a step ahead in a very fast-changing and often challenging business environment.”

TMAS Secretary General Therese Premier-Andersson adds: “Active collaboration across the supply chain is now vital to achieving the textile industry’s sustainable goals and we all need to work more closely together going forward. Joining the ITMF provides TMAS members firstly with a unique set of statistics, publications and surveys that help in better understanding the global dynamics of the textile value chain. In addition, ITMF conferences and workshops provide unique opportunities for our members to meet and network with industry colleagues from around the world. ITMF´s information and networks are helping the industry to better analyse global trends and develop winning strategies.”

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