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Trend Report "Generation Global"

A ray of sunshine amidst all the gloom and doom! Generation Global celebrates the joys of globalisation!


The most recent report by the Zukunftsinstitut (futurology institute) gives a well reflected insight into the mindset of Generation Global. © Zukunftsinstitut


As a mega trend, globalisation is unstoppable and irreversible. This is something that Generation Global has internalised. It is a generation that has taken a new stance and already embraces 4.4 million people in Germany alone. In the new Trend Report by the Zukunftsinstitut (futurology institute), Lena Papasabbas and Tristan Horx provide an insight into how this generation perceives the world, establishing a new kind of glocality. In doing so, they speak, among others, to the world’s youngest foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz, and the philosopher Richard David Precht. Our view of the world is generally shaped by crises and fear, for which globalisation serves as the scapegoat. "When you look at the facts, globalisation is actually good news rather than bad news. The world is growing together and is, in fact, improving – albeit slowly, but it is improving. This is why it’s absolutely essential to realign our view and the discourse on globalisation as quickly as possible,” says Harry Gatterer, Managing Director of the Zukunftsinstitut, explaining the reasons behind the new Trend Report. The publication is deemed a precursor to a new, future-orientated discourse on globalisation.

Globalisation equates to reciprocity, networking and diversification, but also to homogenisation and standardisation. Paradoxically, even opponents of globalisation are organised in exactly the kind of globalised structures they are fighting. Particularly in the political arena, this development is becoming clearer through the growing influence of Generation Global. The great challenges of our time, be they digital, economic or environmental, have long since moved beyond the competencies of individual states. These fundamental structural changes are rendered visible by movements such as the “Global Parliament of Mayors”, where local mayors come together in large global networks to act pragmatically and to learn from each other.

Appearing in German:

Title: Generation Global Report 2018, Project management: Tristan Horx, Lena Papasabbas, Authors: Tristan Horx, Cornelia Kelber, Verena Muntschick, Lena Papasabbas

ISBN: 978-3-945647-44-8, Price: € 125.00 plus 7 % VAT.