17/03/2017 – Globale Sustainable Textile School 2017 — auf Deutsch lesen

Independent Scientific Textile Platform

Event platform for experts and students to create a common space for training, knowledge transfer and further education with a focus on sustainability in the global textile industry.


The Sustainable Textile School aims to raise awareness for this topic among students and professionals (Photo: adpic)


Sustainability as a key to the conservation of resources and improved efficiency is becoming an ever more important cornerstone and competitive advantage for textile manufacturers. The Global Sustainable Textile School 2017 aims to increase awareness for this topic amongst professionals and students and provide them with expert insight across the entire textile supply chain. Additionally, a series of events over the next few years will be organised for international professionals and students in the textile industry to create a central platform for innovation, knowledge exchange, training and further education in sustainability. Thus, companies will be able to directly implement sustainability solutions and meet future challenges.

The programme is designed to share and generate know-how about sustainable topics amongst participants from all branches across the production chain, from fibre to store. Content and expertise will be provided by international specialists from all industry sectors, looking at specific areas of the textile industry and its manufacturing processes through a sustainable lens. The seminars and workshops will cover many different steps of production, including chemical management and different forms of wet processing. The Global Sustainable Textile School 2017 is not intended for and will not include any product advertisements from participants.

Under the auspices of Euratex, the Chemnitz University of Technology and the Gherzi Textil Organisation will manage the framework, organisation and certification of industry participants for the Global Sustainable Textile School 2017.

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