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Unfair by Dr. Gerd Müller

German Federal Minister Gerd Müller is fighting for fairness and justice – and he has a plan that he has eternalised in his new book entitled "Unfair!


Unfair! In his new book, Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller makes a compelling case for a fairer world! © murmann-verlag


The well-known politician makes a case for a fairer form of globalisation that benefits everyone. He believes that, unless major changes are made, millions of people will migrate to Europe in the coming years. Müller’s plan is simple and to the point: fair globalisation for all. His idea: to create a social and environmentally sound market economy with minimum ecological and social standards for a global marketplace. Together with the Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation, he has come up with a Marshall Plan with Africa, which is designed to drive Africa’s economic growth and is built on three pillars: the expansion of state development assistance, more partnerships with private investors and fair trade for Africa’s products and markets. In his book, Gerd Müller calls for a fair world order with a fair balance of interests between industrialised, threshold and developing countries. His arguments are compelling...

Gerd Müller Unfair! Für eine gerechte Globalisierung, 192 pages, hard cover, EUR 19.90 (D), published by Murmann Verlag