19/03/2024 – VIATT

Vietnamese trade fair draws positive balance

With 17,262 visits form 55 countries and regions, and 409 exhibitors from 17 countries, the first ever VIATT (Vietnam International Trade Fair Apparel, Textiles and Textile Technologies) was a platform for the global textile value chain. Hosted by Vietnam´s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt and Vietrade, the fair aimed to integrate Vietnam´s textile industry into the global market.


VIATT was a great success. © Messe Frankfurt


The event showcased the latest trends and innovations across various sectors including apparel fabrics, yarns, fibers, home textiles, and technical textiles. Notable industry players like Lenzing, Groz Beckert, and Stäubli International AG participated, emphasizing Vietnam´s role in the global textile market.

Furthermore, exhibitors expressed enthusiasm for VIATT, citing the presence of high-quality buyers and the potential for business expansion. Paul Nguyen, Sales Director, Mainland Southeast Asia, Apparel Solutions, Avery Dennison, Hong Kong, highlighted the interest from both local and international visitors: “We´ve seen a lot of the production volume migrating to Vietnam, several companies are now establishing or growing their presence here in Vietnam, and we´re very excited to support that growth. We are investing significantly to expand our facility and ensure that we have the right capacity to fulfill the future demand. At VIATT, we've seen tremendous traffic at our booth. There is a mix between local and foreign visitors, and international companies and domestic entities.”

Buyers echoed similar statements, appreciating the diverse range of sourcing options and opportunities for collaboration. Ms Astrid Bonnet, General Manager, ASEAN Region, LBX Asie, Vietnam, said: “I´m from France but based in Vietnam. I´m looking for inspiration, and some information about printing. We sell shopping bags, and everything related to bags and containers. We mainly use polypropylene woven bags, and also cotton. Today is my first day visiting – I have finished with the fabrics section, and I will check the machinery. There are many options, and the best so far have been finished products.”

In conclusion, VIATT served as a platform for knowledge exchange and industry insights. Seminars covering topics like sustainability, market strategies, and textile technologies provided attendees with valuable information to navigate the competitive market landscape. VIATT laid a foundation for the growth of Vietnam´s textile industry, fostering international partnerships and driving innovation.

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